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Have a requirement for Rope Access, Facilities Management or Specialized cleaning?

Specialized Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and well-trained professionals, EKG is the leading company in Rope Access Cleaning work in Dubai. We offer quality work with international standards.

We offer:

Window cleaning services
Facades of high-rise buildings/sky-scrapers

Facade Cleaning Services

Facade glass cleaning is one of the prime services offered by EKG. We offer quality and in time as we are one of the very few companies who are specialized in rope access services.

We Offer:

Annual maintenance at affordable cost
Facade cleaning service for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes (any height)

Pressure Cleaning Services

“Pressure Washing” for the exteriors of the buildings helps to wash away dirt, debris, grime, algae, and moss. This is absolutely needed in a dusty environment like Dubai.

Pressure washing technology uses a high-pressure jet to clear the dirt stuck on the walls and groves and helps to keep the buildings clean and afresh.

EKG complies with international and local regulations and standards.

We Offer:

Building exterior cleaning works – high-pressure building washing in cost-effective and sustainable.
We wash high rise buildings, towers, office buildings, sidewalks, patios, driveways, hospitals, gas stations, schools and business establishments.

Plumbing Works

Plumbing Works

We provide Plumbing Services for residential and commercial buildings.

We offer:

Fittings of taps, showers, toilets, sinks, bathrooms and general plumbing pipework

Leak repairs
Replacing pipes
Faucet and taps repair and replacement
Preventing leakage and fixing and replacing water fixtures.

Civil Works

Civil Works

EKG has the right team for you when you need professionals to carry out remodeling or renovating; a Masonry project that might include building or taking down walls, installing, or repairing a drop ceiling.

We offer:

All types of ceramic & marble flooring, etc.
All types of building renovation, external interlock, and paving works. Plastering

AC Cleaning/Repair Services

AC Duct Cleaning Services

Being in the UAE, AC is something we all need constantly. As we need it constantly, it goes without saying that it is essential for us to clean and maintain it regularly.

It is essential that both, the air condition unit, and air duct are completely cleaned for the cooled air to pass to give you the desired comfort.

We offer:

Intense cleaning of all parts of your AC System, including Evaporator Coils, Drainage Tray and pipes, Filters, Duct system, and Air Vents

The ordinary AC ducts cleaning done on most ACs in the UAE isn’t adequate unless it is a profound cleaning followed by intensive sanitation.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Equipment breakdowns often happen when we don’t expect. With EKG, you never have to sacrifice comfort while waiting for an appointment. We’re open and our technicians are on-call 24/7 ( in Dubai) to manage your emergency AC Repair.

EKG technicians are well-trained and certified to repair all system types. Our service is affordably priced.

We offer:

Split Air Conditioner (Split duct and Split Ductless) Repair
Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Commercial Central Air Conditioners Repair
Annual Maintenance Contracts

Painting Works

All Interior/ Exterior Painting Works

At EKG, we provide all kind of Painting Services. High skilled and experienced professionals are what make us stand out. We have a dedicated separate staff of painters.

We Offer:
Complete Interior and Exterior painting
Villa Painting Interior & Exterior
Apartment Painting
Showroom Painting
Warehouse Painting
School Painting
Color consulting
 Staining and color matching
Special finishes
Wood & furniture painting
Industrial painting
Epoxy Coating / Painting
Floor Painting

Electrical Works

Electrical Maintenance & Repair

EKG’s electrical maintenance service provides the most experienced team of professionals and routinely performs preventative and reactive maintenance to systems in commercial as well as residential properties each week. We understand common problems that can affect your Electrical systems.

We offer:

Fitting / Repair / Maintenance
All types of electrical work from fixing light fixtures to complete electrical installation.
Complete electrical testing, Installation and fault finding

Installation of electrical light fittings, Electrical appliances, Switches & fixtures, Garden lights, Emergency lights.

Domestic service including complete electrical testing
Installation and fault finding
Installation of electrical light fittings
Electrical appliances
Switches & fixtures
Garden lights
Emergency lights.

Carpentry Works

Carpentry & Fixture Services

We have the best Finishing Carpenters with Dubai Experience that can easily accomplish all types of tasks from a small apartment to an Industrial Level with 100% Satisfaction.

We offer:

All types of door fixing and furniture work including cupboard, tables, etc with smooth finishes.

Kitchen Cabinets
Wooden Stairs
Wooden Floors
Stair Railing